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About Us - Audrey More

Audrey More

Audrey More is more than just a fabulous gift shop where you can find meaningful gifts. We are on a journey to do MORE, give MORE, and be MORE and we invite YOU to come along for the ride. 

Our mission is to find ways to bring more gratitude, inspiration, and meaning to our daily lives. Everything about Audrey More is designed with this mission in mind, from the name to the products, causes, and content. 


What is in a name?

A lot - if that name is Audrey More!

The name, as a whole, is a play on the name of one of my grandmothers, Audrey Moore.  It was chosen to pay tribute to two of my grandmothers who have always been there to help me on my own personal journey to more

Taken separately, the "More" is used to remind us that we are all on this journey to do MORE, give MORE, and be MORE. "Audrey" is in reference not only to my grandmother, but also to Audrey Hepburn - an incredible example of what it means to do MORE, give MORE, and be MORE.  

A little history, just in case you are not already familiar with her story... Audrey Hepburn was more than just an icon of style and extremely successful actress who got her start in the 1950's. Did you know that she was living in the Netherlands during WWII when the Nazis invaded? Not only has it been reported that they struggled to survive, but that she helped the resistance movement by delivering messages. What courage that must have required! And how about her devotion to charity work? Over 50 trips and more than 10 years spent traveling the world with UNICEF, helping children in need. Humbling.  On the outside she was a glamorous Hollywood actress known for style and grace, but there is no doubt she was MORE. Though gone from us for over 20 years now, she remains a shining example of what we mean when we talk about this journey we are on to do MORE, give MORE, and be MORE. 

We are all capable of being more as long as we believe.


Looking forward to seeing you on the journey!


Founder- Tonya P.

Tonya P., Founder, Audrey More




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